If I was going to achieve the height of my athletic potential (let alone become an Olympic Athlete), 

I wasn’t going to be able to do it all on my own… 

I realized I needed an environment that held me accountable to Who I said I would be and What I said I would accomplish.

Not what my feelings told me I was or wasn’t. (Contrary to what popular culture might lead you to believe)

In no time I found myself living a life I designed, surrounded by people I actually love and admire.

Sounds ridiculous? Maybe this isn’t for you.

Sounds possible? 

“Since I started working with Cameron I lost 40lbs. I have more energy, confidence, and definitely a better body tone. I’m a ‘hell yes’ to working with Cameron.”

“Cameron’s rigorous training has helped me not only embody the athlete I dreamed of, but I’ve gained lean muscle, confidence in my capabilities, and tone. This is the strong fitness foundation every healthy lifestyle needs to begin with!”

“My brother took me through one of his abb workouts and I nearly pee’d my pants.”