Before I send you to the Application Page

Let me tell you who my Personal Training is NOT for.

If you’re easily offended this is NOT for you.

You see, after our first 1-hour consultation call I’m going to tell you how it is and how it isn’t. 

You’re going to get to hear the cold hard truth about your lifestyle choices and you’ll discover what’s working and what’s not.

So if you’re easily offended and rather stay behind screens all day living the Comfortable Lifestyle of Postmates and Netflix.

It’s definitely not going to work out between us.

But… if you’re willing to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone to live a lifestyle by design. If you’re excited to have a confident presence. If you’re okay with letting me you use you as a success story. And you can handle being held to a high standard.

Then you’re someone I can make a difference for.

Here’s what to expect on the inside:

– I hold your hand through how to design the Lifestyle that you ACTUALLY want.

– A 1 hour creation call

– A full training program every week

– Nutrition accountability calls

– In-Person Personal Training Sessions for my Arizona clients

– You’ll have a new sense of clarity and confidence.

– You’ll find yourself surrounded by the people you are Inspired by and are aligned with your mission

& more

Click the link below to fill out your Application.

See you on the inside,